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BELIEF - a Coffee & Language Production

Chopper Bernet
Chris Pflueger

Written and Directed by
JP Allen

A member of a fanatical group tries to convince a man to radically alter his life.

The first in a pair of “chamber films” (productions designed with deliberately limited locations and cast size), BELIEF is an experiment in tension and psychological manipulation.  Shot largely in a single location using extended takes and multiple cameras, it features stunning performances by Chopper Bernet and Chris Pflueger.

BELIEF had its premiere screening at the San Francisco Art Institute.

Directors of Photography: KC Smith and David Driver
Sound: Dan Gomes
Producer: Rick Rosenberg
Executive Producers: Janis DeLucia Allen and Chopper Bernet
Produced in association with Walk the Path Productions

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BELIEF, A Feature Film
Drama, 87 Minutes, Color