Welcome to The Far Edge

Beyond all the hype of popular prognosticators, there is the realm of TheFarEdge. For those tired of the static-noise of today's media, TheFarEdge offers a vantage-point, a little beyond the breakwater, where that all-important distance offers a calming space and insightful perspectives.

TheFarEdge has a deep passion for machine learning (AI/NLP/ML) & immersive technologies (VR/AR/MR), and a history of empowering disparate communities through compelling storytelling and implementing successful programs & solutions.


This is

The Far Edge, was founded back before the turn of the century, just as the world became aware of the internet. Its mission: To aid individuals and organizations evolve to meet today's challenges with fresh perspective and the best tools and skills available.

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You get

To deliver new and enhanced, companies, media, products and services with the confidence and intuition that comes from decades of experience in leveraging heritage as a foundation from which to reach the future.

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Understand Europe, The Americas and Australasia are all foundational elements like a local.


At home in the San Francisco Bay Area, where knowledge of, and connection with, communities & cultures are essential to success.


Passion and experience of all things media and technology related, save you from painting yourself into a corner or loosing focus.


Dive in deep on those areas critical to delivering on your vision, informed by context and equipped with a comprehensive toolset.


Whether you're a hyper-local single person operation or multinational, scale sanely & sustainability.


Figure out your self-starting process that will deliver measurable results without additional external input.


The technology and services behind the scenes are critical to consistency over time, and being flexible enough to react to inevitable change.


Involved a little or a lot, The Far Edge can take on ownership of the day to day, just be a periodic helping hand and everything in between.